CCMiner Quick Start Guide

If you are new to mining and want to get started quickly, follow this guide to utilise your NVidia GPU to mine Vertcoin on Windows.

  1. First of all, ensure you have a Vertcoin wallet installed and fully synched with the network. You can download the wallet from the Vertcoin Website.
  2. Next, download the latest release of ccminer from GitHub - You will want to download either the x86 or x64 file that ends with .7z. You may require additional software to extract the download file, see
  3. Extract the files from the ccminer download into a location that we'll use in a couple of steps.
  4. From within the Vertcoin Wallet, go to the 'File' menu, click 'Receiving Addresses'.
  5. Either click on an existing address and then click Copy, or create a new address and give it a label such as 'Mining' - then click OK, and then click Copy

  6. Enter the address you've copied into the input box below:

  7. Click the button to create your configuration file below.

  8. Please enter your Vertcoin address and click Generate above.
  9. In the folder where you extracted ccminer in step 3, there will be a file named ccminer.conf. Open this file in notepad or another text editor. Remove all existing lines from this file, then copy the configuration presented above and paste it into the file. Save and close your editor.

  10. In the same folder, there will be an executable file called ccminer-x64 or ccminer-x86 - double click this file. Assuming you have followed all of the above steps, you should see a window like this within a few seconds.

  11. If you've reached this far, then congratulations, you are now mining Vertcoin!