Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I get paid out?
    As each block we mine matures (see below), the block reward is distributed between those miners who have submitted valid shares in the 12 hours prior to the block being found. The greater amount of work your miner does results in a greater share of the rewards. If your balance then exceeds 0.5 VTC, this will be paid out to your wallet within a few minutes. If your balance is under 0.5 VTC but more than 0.05 VTC, once per day you will receive payment.
  • How long does it take a block to mature?
    The Vertcoin network stipulates that a block is confirmed and can be spent once 100 later blocks have been mined. At an average of 2.5 minutes per block, that's about 4 hours 10 minutes.
  • How come my miner says I have X hashrate but the pool says I have Y hashrate?
    Hashrate as reported by your miner is exactly how many hashes per second it is completing. Hashrate as reported by the pool is calculated from the number of and difficulty of your shares submitted over the past 15 minutes. These will usually vary - sometimes the pool will report a higher rate, sometimes lower. That's just the way stratum mining works.
  • Why so few blocks being found?
    It's simple maths - for example, at 50 GH/s pool hashrate in a network of 2.0 TH/s, our expected time between blocks is about 1.6 hours. An increase in pool hashrate will shorten this, and increase in network hashrate will lengthen it.
  • What does the luck value assigned to each block mean?
    A block with 100% luck means that for our given hashrate in the Vertcoin network, we found the block in exactly the period of time estimated. Lower than 100% means it was found in less time, greater than 100% means it took longer. Over a long period of time (months), it will even out to be 100% overall.
  • I've just started mining and my estimate block and 24-hour earnings are very low. What gives?
    We calculate per-block payouts based on the shares submitted across the pool for the past 12 hours. This means that when you first start mining you will have a very low proportion of the total shares. It will take 12 hours of continous mining for your per-block estimate to increase to a stable rate. However, if you do stop mining, any shares you have submitted remain valid for 12 hours - so any blocks that the pool finds in this 12 hour period will result in a payment to you, even though you may not be actively mining at the time.
  • What is merged-mining?
    Merged-Mining allows the work done for one blockchain to be used to solve blocks for another blockchain. See this article for a more detailed explantion.
  • What is Unitus?
    Unitus is a multi-algorithm, merged-mined cryptocurrency. See the website for more information.